Edward Elric

A Mask by Wyst.

This Mask gives the appearance of an adolescent boy with two metallic limbs, his right arm and left leg.

Body stat +10. With a successful Body roll, Wyst can defend a physical attack with her right arm or left leg (which are made of metal), feeling no pain. A firearm attack still does its ones digit as damage, and shows up as a big ol’ bruise once the illusion is gone.

Make A Tool Or Weapon, 20-point skill under Soul. Wyst can magickally form a weapon or complex tool out of objects she possesses, or even the ground itself. Take the ones digit of the successful roll (or if not in combat, roll d10) – this is how many charges the object saps from the Mask, and how many minutes (or rounds of combat) the object lasts.

Charges: 58

Edward Elric

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