Become the Character

A new school for the truest fans of anime.

Paradox: Just as fictional characters become real momentarily in the imaginations of the audience, so can their powers here in the real world. A true otaku can suspend her disbelief in the absolute nature of reality, and hold up her belief in the power of another person’s story – particularly if that story is popular, Japanese, syndicated, and drawn by hand.

Taboo: The character is only as real as its actor can keep it; the otaku must not cease her representation of the character while she wears a Mask. Responding to one’s real name or using any Passion will cause the illusion to fail. Even being recognized ‘underneath’ your costume will require a successful Become The Character roll to overcome the failure of illusion.

The Mask: An otaku can create a magickal Mask to be used with a full cosplay costume, which gives the wearer the appearance, behavior and powers of one anime character. This is a Silver level object, quite valuable. If used with a full costume, donning the mask automatically causes the change of identity. Without the costume, a successful Become The Character skill roll is necessary.

This mask is commonly made of wood, fabric or ceramic, and is as fragile as any other. Its power is limited in time and space – wearing it will drain it of its power, and its power is limited to line of sight. Once it’s gone, the otaku cannot recreate it (for the same character). A matched roll that harms you physically (a successful melee or firearms attack) will break the Mask.

Creating the Mask: Watch an entire anime show from beginning to end in a search for wisdom, pausing only for sleep, food, etc. It only needs to be the main show, not including spin-offs, except if it centers around the character being Masked. (For example, you could watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, focus on Angel the vampire, and then you’d have to watch all of Angel to make a Mask of the character.) Then spend a day creating a Mask for the character, taking a successful Become The Character roll as its number of ‘charges’. Each round used in combat or hour of use in non-combat drains one charge.

Become the Character

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