Alistair's Guitar

His baby, his source of power

musical instrument

One Blue Fender Stratocaster, subtly tweaked over the years to make it work just how Alistair wants it to. Pickups have been replaced, the innards have been rewired, the tuning machines tweaked, and everything set up just so.

It has 3 single coil pickups, providing a nice warm tone to everything played. However this choice of pickups does carry the risk of electromagnetic interference from flourescent lights, televisions, computer monitors and other electric devices. There is also the fact that being too close to an amp can cause huge feedback.

Has a Bolt-on neck, which keeps everything together, but if enough force hits the neck just right, the bolts will shear right through the wood tearing the neck and body apart.

Alistair literally treats his guitar like his baby. One of his main reasons for keeping a day job is to make sure that he can continue to afford the lavish treatment that keeps his guitar so well upkept.

Alistair's Guitar

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