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  • Carrie


    A Chronicler who is a regular at the franchise and becoming popular on the Open List.
  • Grimm


    A bibliomancer
  • Ira Glass

    Ira Glass

    Ira Glass
  • Isabelle "Wyst" Wysteria Forrest

    Isabelle "Wyst" Wysteria Forrest

    Isabelle Wysteria Forrest
  • James "Jaime" Rocket

    James "Jaime" Rocket

    James "Jaime" Rocket
  • Karl Sanders

    Karl Sanders

    6’2" Heavy-Muscled Build, Slight Muscle Definition, Caucasian, Brown Hair, Hazel Green Eyes. Straight, single.
  • Leonard


    A Scholar who volunteers at the Seattle Occult Library and often visits the franchise to sip coffee and write. He follows everything on the Open List.