For some, the lure of lost secrets and ancient knowledge is more important than riches, power, or sometimes even life itself. Scholars understand mysteries which elude others and always seem to know some fact that applies to the current situation. The primary drive of every Scholar is to study and amass knowledge. The purposes to which this knowledge is put are all secondary.
Unlike the Chronicler, the Scholar has little interest in expressing his knowledge for public consumption, preferring instead to simply accumulate it for his personal edification.

What Leonard can do:

1-50 Any failed check against a skill related to academic knowledge can be flip-flopped if the changed result is less than the Avatar: The Scholar skill. No avatar skill check is necessary.
51-70 As long as you make a successful Avatar: The Scholar roll, you can remember anything you have ever read. This channel can only be used to remember actual text, charts, or diagrams which you examined. It cannot be used to remember people or events you saw or heard of.

Leonard keeps extensive cross-references and notes, though not always on his person. But if you have the time he’ll tell you whatever you’re willing to sit around and listen to.

In all cases, a Scholar’s greatest joy is learning something new. However, Scholars are not merely human encyclopedias. They also correlate and synthesize knowledge. Scholars exist to collect and amass knowledge. Merely refusing a chance to gain knowledge takes an avatar further from this archetype. Actually destroying any unique source of knowledge, even to keep it out of someone else’s hands, is much worse and will have a significant effect on the avatar’s standing.


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