They take their personal obsessions, their secret symbols, their idiosyncratic desires, and they use them to work magickal rituals with real results.
But one adept’s pleasure is another’s poison. Because this magick is so personal, it relies on a passionate, furious adherence to a particular worldview.

Urbanomancy. Bristol of the Montlake Bridge once ran for the City Council, and gathered power through the manipulation of a piece of the city.

Silence Is Golden. Nick’s character may follow this school, which is about silence and communication.

Plutomancy. Deacon and the late Bluetooth man gained power through acquisition of wealth, but live/d in poverty.

Become the Character. Wyst haaas the pooowerrr. Her current Masks are Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist and a nearly-drained Chun Li.

Mechanomancy. Donald of the Highway Friars restaurant was an auto mechanic who put his own blood, sweat, tears and bones into his work.

Epideromancy. One particular self-cutter fellow, bearing numerous scars, attacked the PCs after slicing his palm with a knife. Then he bounced around like a jelly blob, and a knife slice healed up before Leeroy’s eyes. Ick!

The mundane world does not make sense to adepts, in very personal and profound ways. … Being an adept is not a job… It is what you are.
To be an adept, you must filter every observation and every situation through an arcane kaleidoscope. Your obsession is so deep you think in symbolic magickal terms 24-7. It’s the only way you know how to live.


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