As people make choices their decisions are recorded, and these writings become histories,
and these histories become fact. So reality is written. The Chronicler is the observer and recorder of the people of his time.
Whatever the style or medium, her subject matter must be the people she observes. …Where the Scholar is concerned with the impersonal knowledge of history and academics, the Chronicler wants to know what you had for breakfast and why you’re cheating on your wife.

What Carrie can do:

1-50 By making a successful Avatar: The Chronicler skill check you can flip-flop the next roll you make in the course of gaining information about a situation or person. This could be noticing an important detail about a room you’re searching, persuading someone to reveal a secret, locating a hidden object, researching an event, hacking a database, or sifting through rumors on the street.
51-70 You acquire an intuitive sense of when and where important events are going to take place. These flashes of insight allow Chroniclers to be present for significant occurrences so that they might observe and record them. … Inquiring about a particular person is almost always more effective.
This type of precognition is usually only effective for events occurring within the next few days. The intuition you receive will not reveal any of the content of the event, only when and where it will happen. There is always the possibly that no upcoming event matches your search criteria.

Carrie has an additional talent: She is far enough along the path of the Chronicler that her undirected artistic endeavors will sometimes hint at the near future. Once or twice a month she will fall into a trance while sketching or painting and return to awareness with a piece of art that deviates from her usual styles; or she will develop film from her camera and find a photo she has no recollection of taking. Invariably she finds herself in the situation depicted, or meeting the person portrayed.

Chroniclers may be involved in events but if they ever willingly take center stage they risk tainting their perspective. If an avatar purposefully avoids witnessing a significant event within their reach they also weaken their connection to the archetype.
The Chronicler must express what she witnesses in a coherent form for public consumption, and do everything in her power to bring her work into prominence. Few Chroniclers do not maintain a web site, at the very least.


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