The Sleepers are mentioned like bogeymen; if you get too public they’ll kill you in your sleep, as an example. Everyone knows a girl who knows a guy whose loudmouth friend tried to impress a crowd at his favorite bar, and went missing the next week. The ones whose bodies were found make even worse stories.

Mak Attax want to spread the love around, like special sauce on their world-famous hamburgers. Their mission: To dose the public with mojo until (pick your answer)

  • the Magickal Renaissance arrives,
  • the Magickally Aware take their proper place in the world, or
  • those who know magick, real magick, can just come out of the closet.

They are the largest collection of know-nothings in the Underground, but among their ranks are a few do-somethings. Most of their powerful allies have something or someone to atone for, and see this mostly harmless group as a way to give back – Mak Attax attracts those who are trying to make the best of a cursed life.

The Legion sprung Karl Sanders out of jail, with strings attached. They’re like the foreign legion, only here and now. They want information, loyalty for life, and secrecy. They’re very well funded. Karl’s contact Jack (a policeman in internal investigations) and Grimm the bookworm were both connected to the Legion, and they haven’t been heard from in a week…

There’s some kind of cult around a porn star who disappeared in the middle of a video shoot, leaving behind footage that will warp your sanity. Their followers can soothe your soul. James the janitor has more to say about it, that is, if he feels like talking. Their Temple is next door to the Mickey D’s on 3rd & Pine.


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