They are less obsessive, more deliberate. … They exploit the rules instead of breaking them. …. The longer you walk the path, the more powerful you become. If you stray, your power ebbs.
Avatars can be hypocrites. They need not be obsessed with this persona, for a persona is all it is. …a set of symbolic behaviors that attune them to the power inherent in the world at large.

Leonard is a Scholar who studies magick, especially any magick discussed on the Mak Attax list. He is in the middle of several texts at all times, and keeps voluminous notes and cross-references. His favorite words are “I’ve read a little about that,” followed by too much information.

The Trader never gets the worse of a deal, never gives selflessly, and can exchange intangible things. He can get you a deal with a demon, or sell you someone’s soul.

The Savage lives alone, away from civilization. Sparrow was certainly one.

The Pilgrim proceeds relentlessly towards a goal, a silent figure on a powerful quest who has a tendency to get involved in the affairs of those she meets. She has shed the excesses of everyday life and pared down her world to just her and the road and the goal.

Alistair is an avatar of the Musician (which used to be the Bard in older times).

The Masterless Man is a servant of “order” with no one to serve. Like the ronin or gunslingers he seeks a new purpose, but is too pragmatic and suspicious to dedicate himself. He is the chaos that fights chaos, which is why the gunfighter or ronin always dies or moves on at the end of the story; his skills have protected a civilization which has no place for deadly wanderers.

The Flying Woman cannot be contained by bonds, locked doors, martial arts holds, or gravity. She is her own highest authority, free and unfettered. She never asks anyone to do something for her when she is capable of doing it herself. At high levels she has luck always on her side.

Carrie is a Chronicler who records magickal events. She and other Chroniclers can often be found at any sufficiently odd public scene, with notepads, tape recorders, sketchbooks, cameras, or (in recent years) spiffy smartphones.

Yet avatars need not be hypocrites. There are those who are fully sincere. …they believe their worldview is shared by reality itself.
There are rumors of a greater kind of avatar, of a point at much you actually become the archetype incarnate and leave your humanity behind. But there are rumors of lots of things.


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