Alistair Blair

Let’s Groove Tonight
Rage Stimulus Fear Stimulus Noble Stimulus
Posers Firearms One for All
Body 55 Speed 40 Mind 60 Soul 65
Poke! 55 Now you see me… 25 Musical Education 55 It Goes to 11! 65
Athletics 15 Driving 25 Spot 15 Groupies! 43
Health 9 Initiative 20 Hide 20 The Cake 42
Om nom nom 55
Mac Attax 10
Violence The Unnatural Helplessness Isolation Self
Hardened 3/10 Hardened 1/10 Hardened 0/10 Hardened 1/10 Hardened 0/10
Failed 5/5 Failed 3/5 Failed 0/5 Failed 0/5 Failed 0/5
Caffeine Addiction Musician Avatar Fender Stratocaster Pocket Amp

Alistair is a musician in a Seattle garage band The Piks. He’s been working jobs in food service off and on in order to finance his real love, music. He takes, and suffers through, early morning shifts in order to ensure that his evenings are free for band practice and (hopefully) gigs.

He got dragged into this whole “magical underground” thing by some weird events a couple months back at his former job. Some guys broke into the place wielding guns and kidnapped one of his coworkers, who happened to turn out to be part robot. So then Mr. Roboto turns out to really be Kilroy as we check out his house, engaged in some plot to keep bad shit from happening in the underground.

You know the Fremont Troll? Yeah, turns out it’s alive and really likes its VW Beetle. It wasn’t too happy when it woke up and that was missing. That was some crazy shit when that happened.

Since that night, when work sort of wasn’t there anymore, he’s gotten a job on 3rd and Pine. It’s not great, but it makes sure rent’s paid, and the amp stays powered, and strings stay new.

A little while back he started noticing some odd things happening during gigs and practice. People started really reacting to the songs he played. Not just in the whole mosh way, they were really getting into it. People playing out the songs he played. It was just a little weird. And this whole Mac Attax thing has helped a little in getting to know what’s going on here.

Note that Bio is WIP

Alistair Blair

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